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Types of Metal Finishes

Learn more about the different services we offer to meet your metal finishing needs. Mint City Coatings in Bremen, Indiana, offers the following for all types of surfaces:

Powder Coating

Ensure long-lasting color that won't chip or fade with powder coating. We offer powder coating for all types of metal surfaces. These types of coatings are very durable and can go on both interior and exterior surfaces. They're also more affordable and come in a range of RAL colors, including copper vein and silver. They also come in a variety of textures. If you're looking for a texture similar to traditional paint, we can match it to achieve the look you want.

We typically apply powder coating to the rims and bumpers of cars and trucks. We also apply them to store shelving racks.

Colored Tire Rims

Metal Frames

Custom Sandblasting

Before applying powder coating to any surface, it's important to have it sandblasted. Doing so bonds the powder coating to the metal surface and prevents any rusting before the powder coating is applied. This can also be done when applying wet spray paint.

When sandblasting a metal surface, we first treat the area with an acid mixture. Once the area is clean, we sandblast it and then apply the powder coating or wet spray paint to create the look you desire.

Wet Spray Painting

An alternative to powder coating, wet spray paint is very durable and can easily withstand warm temperatures. It costs more than powder coating but is a great choice for machines, as well as for axle boxes in railcars.

We use epoxy paint for all wet spray painting jobs. It's an industry standard and is very versatile and long-lasting.